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WHAT & WHY Goals, Objectives, Advantages, Opportunities

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The goals and purpose of this site:

Instilling pride in our Area through Community Awareness of our local assets, geographic beauty, recreational facilities, community services, educational institutions, and a large variety of organizations and interests, all accessible through various website links from this Portal.

The Economic Goal is to create the habit of checking our Coles County Area Businesses FIRST for our consumer goods and services needs, gradually establishing the custom of shopping Coles County FIRST, ultimately spending more of our income in our own community for the long range welfare of all. To contribute towards this goal a Community Portal or Directory of Businesses, Services, Agencies, Organizations, current local news and events establishes a critical information source to facilitate this objective

The prerequisite is knowing that such a business exits, and a means to find information about the business. See FAQs for answers to addressing this question and many other Frequently Asked Questions,

The primary reasons for out of area shopping are lack of selection, or perceived lack or selection, and local consumers were unaware of the many area Businesses and services that could meet their needs.

In order to maximize the retention of spendable income and stop the flow of dollars out we have created a unique local Web Site that also address the problem of how can a consumer find you, or even know about you, without knowing your name or Web address. This Web Site is the Coles County Area “Portal” developed for Coles County Area exclusively, which provides important daily information from local news, weather and stocks, to local fuel prices and special announcements. 

There is also an extensive list with links to all area agencies and area promotional sites such as our natural assets and community organizations; but of greater importance to you, we have provided scores of individual pages featuring all local Businesses with a Web Site.

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  • Economic Development Objectives

Creating and promoting a stable and prosperous economy at the local level, is a paramount priority for ColesToday.com. 

We understand that an economically strong community is the fastest route to overall well-being. This in turn contributes to lowering crime rates, higher health levels and well being among the members of our community, as well as raising social and family values.

This is accomplished by our Program as follows:

  • Encourage re-investing proceeds from your internet business income back in your community; 
  • Activating the sale or exchange of locally made goods and rendered services among the community; 
  • Creating new non technical home operated business and new Jobs among those who need it the most; 
  • Re-distributing among community neighbors, the passive income generated by our various businesses, services and programs;
  • Encouraging the interaction and participation of community members  

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  • Advantages for the Small or Large Businesses Client utilizing a Portal such as ColesToday.com:

The Portal is a kind of “electronic Yellow Pages,” all Businesses are listed in categories such as Restaurants or Automobile Dealers New or Used, etc; Businesses are also list in alphabetical name order on a second page (ALFA). When the consumer goes to these pages for information your Business Name and a link to your Web site appears and is only a click away to your site. At this time all Coles County area Businesses with Web Sites are listed in the Business pages FREE of Charge, including the link to Your Web Site.

The advantage is obvious: a simple way for the consumer to find and view your site WITHOUT knowing your business name or web address. It works equally well anywhere in the World of course, because a typical searcher wanting local business information would search for “Coles County illinois” first or "Coles County portal", or "Coles County businesses" etc. We have submitted our site to hundreds of search engines which show up on  search using these logical key words. This is the only proper method of searching because you will find, if for example, you search for just “auto dealers” on google.com alone, you will get 114,000 site pages from all over the World. What are the odds that they ever open your site? On a local Portal business Category page it is nearly a one-hundred percent likelihood that a searcher would open your Web Site! 

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Try a search right now!

Remember, if you put quotes “ ” around key words you narrow your search. IE Coles County Businesses will get you every site in the World with the Word Coles County – or Businesses. But “Coles County businesses” brings you right to town. TRY IT- type in “Coles County businesses” or "Coles County illinois portal" in the search engine box below, or even Coles County illinois directory without quotes and Coles County Area usually comes up on the first page or two, out of hundreds of pages, often at or near the top the first page. But Search Engine page orders change constantly. Return to FAQ questions

WWW ColesToday WebPages

How will customers know where to find me on the Web without going to the Portal first? Answer: You will have your own website address and be hosted by BEAMSCO for a modest monthly fee. 


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Why a Web Site? Sales and Services marketing methods are changing rapidly, people like to shop from home and 66% of Coles County adults are Online. It makes sense to have an Internet presence and have your web site listed on a compiled listing of all Coles County Businesses Online.

  Here are some additional advantages:

  • Increased exposure of their Products and Services.
  • Easy access from people surfing the net under one Portal.
  • Best return on your advertising dollar.
  • Fast deployment of your web site as an Online Store.
  • Easy Online Application. 
  • Unlimited potential for Financial Growth.
  • A World Wide Business Presence
  • Your full color site Open 24/7 at costs considerable less than the Yellow Pages and Newspapers color ads.
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Advantages for the Community:

  • Increased volume of sales for all Local Merchants.
  • Lower cost of retail goods and community services for its members.
  • Decreased outflow of community cash flow by supporting Smaller Non Nationwide Chains & Non Franchised Local Merchants FIRST.
  • Increased volume of community earnings retained in our area for redistribution.
  • Increase in sales tax revenue to be used by local government for our community.
  • Improvement and Development of targeted impoverished areas.
  • Increase of land value. 
  • Development of Sustainable Micro Businesses.  

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SERVICES & SMALL BUSINESSES:  Now YOU can have your own inexpensive Web Business Site and work out of your home! You and your Neighbors can place online via our Program, whatever it is that they are able to do, or a service they are able to provide, (in most cases turning their hobbies into Micro Businesses), meaning they are able to collect fees for their services or revenues for goods they can manufacture, through our Portal which works as a Hub. 

Piano lessons, baking cookies, clothing alteration, wheelchair taxi, retired assisted living services, office cleaning, shoe repair, car detailing, baby sitting, etc., etc.

Non Franchised, Non External Corporate, but Local Merchants, can display online the entire inventory of articles they sell, for the whole community to have access to it and shop online without the need of a credit card.
Gift Shop, Wedding Services, or Photographer, Pet Shop, Scuba Shop, Nursery, Local Diner, Book Store,
Electronic Repair, Computer Repair, Beauty Supplies, Tool Rental, Packing - Shipping & Mailing Services, Picture and Frame Shop, Jewelry, etc., etc.  

Other Examples:
Plumbing, Vacuum  Sweeper Repair, Heating & Cooling,  Electricians, Paving, etc.

Local Service Providers can offer their services, and even take appointments online:

Dentist, Beautician
, Barber Shop, Pet Shop, Optometrist, Chiropractor, Physician, Tax Preparation & Accounting Services, Radiologist, Psychiatrist,  Carpet & Rug Cleaners, Pest Control Services, etc., etc.

Local Contractors can post their skills, take Inquiries and offer quotes online.

Locally owned businesses, creative individuals as well as the under-employed, the unemployed, the home worker, unskilled youth, retired, and all of those entrepreneurs with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, can now look at ColesToday 's Portal  to find the tools which will help them prosper and get involved in projects which give them not only an additional stream of income but a wonderful feeling of accomplishment knowing they are helping oneself and others and contributing to the welfare of our local community.    

Have questions? Want to get your own Web Site or Host your existing site with us and get started? Just call us at 217 442 0823 or email at admin@colestoday.com

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