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Frequently asked Questions...

What is a Portal?

How can my site be found out of a Million World Wide Sites?

How does it work?

What should I do to get started?

What is the cost?

How will customers know how to find me on the Web Without going through the Portal?

What is a Host, or Hosting?

Where is my business listed on a Portal?

Solution to your site being found on the www

How to earn commissions through our Web Services

What is a Portal?

A Portal is a Web Site that brings together an organized directory of all aspects of a Community with direct Links to specific information contained in hundreds of various Web Sites maintained by Agencies, Organizations, and Businesses in that community's area.  This site contains hundreds of direct links to Area services and organizations. With web pages providing information that bring regular daily visitors. Featuring important items such as local weather, news, school closings, special events, financial new, sports, Memoriams and even local gas price samplings. Return to FAQ questions


Why a Portal for Coles County ? 

If the local business community is to prosper we must do all that is possible to keep consumer spending in Coles County , and attract consumers to Coles County . A portal contributes a great deal to this effort Return to FAQ questions


How does it work? The purpose of this undertaking is to gather into one place all Services and Coles County Area BUSINESSES that have web sites and feature these local businesses as the consumer’s FIRST place to LOOK for services and products, To see what’s in Coles County FIRST. And the consumer can do this before leaving home or office. Return to FAQ questions


Do you want your business to be on the Coles County Portal? 

We will build you a Web Site and list your business in the appropriate section of our businesses directory for a very low onetime cost. Return to FAQ questions


What is the cost?

We build custom full color web sites for a one time low charge, and they can work for you indefinitely. A full color web page can be built for you for as little as $185. The only addition expense is a small monthly or annual hosting fee. (See Hosting)  Return to FAQ questions


What should I do to get started?

Just go to ColesToday.com's Business Directory and look at what your competitors are doing. If there is no category for your business, we will make the category, and you will be the first to list under your type of business. Then email us using our form or call us at 442 0823. We can have your Web Site Business up and running, in usually a couple of weeks or less. Return to FAQ questions



THE PROBLEM: Creating an Internet Web Site indicates your understanding of the value of an Internet Web presence. However, as you likely know, a site does not guaranty visits. The major reason for lack of visits is: (1.) The typical consumer does not know you have a site or know the addresses of your Web Site, they often do not even know the name of your business; and (2.), the hundreds of other competing pages that come up in a search under your key words.  Return to FAQ questions



THE PORTAL: The Portal advantage is an obviously simple way for the consumer to find and view your site WITHOUT knowing your business name or web address. It works equally well anywhere in the World of course, because a typical searcher wanting local business information would utilize a  Search Engine and search for “Coles County illinois” first, or ‘Coles County illinois businesses,' or “Charleston and Coles County” etc”. We have submitted our site to dozens of search engines which can show up on any search using these logical key words. This is the only proper method of searching because you will find for an example, if you search for just “auto dealers” on google.com alone, you will get 114,000 site pages from all over the World. What are the odds that they ever open your site? On a local Portal business Category Page it is nearly a one-hundred percent likelihood that a searcher would open your Web Site! This website had more than 29,000 page links at the start of 2005. Portals receive very high positions in search engine results, often your business will come up on or near the top of a search page. Return to FAQ questions

Try a search right now!

Remember, if you put quotes “ ” around key words you narrow your search. IE Coles County Businesses will get you every site in the World with the Word Coles County – or Businesses. But “Coles County businesses” brings you right to town. TRY IT- type in “Coles County businesses” or "Coles County illinois portal" in the search engine box below, or even Coles County illinois directory without quotes and Coles County Area usually comes up on the first page or two, out of hundreds of pages, often at or near the top the first page. But Search Engine page orders change constantly. Return to FAQ questions

WWW ColesToday WebPages

Where and how is my business listed? 

In a kind of “electronic Yellow Pages,” all businesses are listed in categories such as Restaurants or Automobile Dealers New or Used, etc. We also have all businesses listed in Alphabetical order, should an inquirer know your name but not your URL (web address). When the consumer goes to these pages for information your Business Name and a link to your Web site appears and is only a click away to your site. At this time all Coles County area businesses with Web Sites are listed in the Business pages FREE of Charge, including the link to Your Web Site.

  Return to FAQ questions

How will customers know where to find me on the Web Without going through the Portal? 

Businesses put their web address on all advertisements and in the Yellow Pages. You will have your own website address and be hosted by BEAMSCO for a modest monthly fee, discounted if paid annually..Return to FAQ questions


Why the Internet? 

Sales and Services marketing methods are changing rapidly, people like to shop from home and 68% of Coles County area adults are Online. It makes sense to have an Internet presence and have your web site listed on a compiled listing of all Coles County Area Businesses Online Return to FAQ questions



What is a Host or meant by Hosting 

All Web Sites on the World Wide Web (www.) require a Hosting Service (server - space).


Like a large apartment building, the Web Site's (page(s) on the internet) owner "rents an apartment with an address" for the site to locate. The computers that host websites are called "servers"


We host Web Sites for a monthly fee. Fees vary by space used, just like a one bedroom apartment leases for less than a three bedroom, Host fees on the internet vary from "free" to hundreds of dollars a month.


Free site hosting has many pitfalls, not the least of which one may find that his host "kicks you out of your apartment' (that is, you find your site is gone from the free host, usually permanently). 

Since a free site cost you nothing, you are subject to removal, extensive "down time" (the whole host is off the internet for various reasons), and you have no recourse. ("You can't look a gift horse in the mouth"). Worst of all. it can be very difficult to get help if the server fails.

More about hosting   Return to FAQ questions


ColesToday.com will reward individuals helping to build this site through their efforts in bringing new website development and/or web service clients to ColesToday.com. A part of our reasonable website production fees and other service fees are credited to an account established for you, checks will be mailed each month. This revenue sharing (called "re-selling") is common on the Web and is a proven means to accelerate the growth of web sites and the subsequent reaching of economic goals for you and our community.Return to FAQ questions

THERE'S MORE WAYS TO EARN: We also give direct Commissions Credits  on any Web Site we build that had the inquiry come through your site, or brought to us personally by you.  Return to FAQ questions

ADDITIONALLY you can receive commission credits for Advertising BANNERS, and other WEB SERVICES provided by us that were generated by and thru your Web Site, or by Direct Effort on your part. Return to FAQ questions

In fact you do not need your own WEB SITE or a computer to even collect web service credits, since you could bring us a customer directly through your efforts and receive the same commissions.   Call us at 217 442 0823 and tell us of the customer you have directed to us.


Have more questions? See Goals and Objectives 
Want to get your own Web Site or Host your existing site with us and get started? Call us or send us your inquiry to
  admin@colestoday.com  Return to FAQ questions


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